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    Which nail art has the best return on investment? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    1. israr asghar

      I just saw a nail polish called Dolo marble nails

    2. Maii Miing

      What tea does beynn always get for you at starbucks?

    3. Marissa Nielsen-Wilkinson

      You should do your prime minister, in a black face nail art tutorial. That would be hilarious 😏

    4. Innanazz

      Is someone doing glitter placements? How long does take for both hands?

    5. E.L. M

      Please colab with Moriah Elizabeth.

    6. Troy Strzelecki

      Gotta get those troom troom views

    7. Who Wants to Know

      That beat with the glitter nail art 😎💃🏼

    8. Youngin MJ

      What would 100 coats of clear nail polish look like??

    9. conversequeen64

      This makes me nostalgic - I miss your nail tutorials so much!!!

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      I feel like there should be an "oh yeah" in a deep voice In the beginning

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    13. OOFER GANG

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      Why cant the world be holo?????????????

    15. a_doro_ble

      Do overnight oats in one minute! 🙃

    16. Tiffany Rhiana Tactay

      She says glossy top coat as glossy taco

    17. Brittany Turner

      When she maths 🤦🏾‍♀️ we get it you went to college

    18. Nekogitsune

      why she ddint put in the peel off base coat instead? is it because it dry longer than a normal base coat?

    19. ilanit7

      how long do you wait when you put nail polish on? for each stage, from base coat to top coat?

    20. Knoppy

      Have you seen this yet? NerdECrafer made you into a cool creature! us-new.com/online/video--ZlZaQU68dg.html

    21. Veronica

      For the one minute white and purple vinyl one, I would of painted the whole nail glitter purple and then use the brush to free draw the triangle design.

    22. Breyana Martin

      You can see the stress on her face on that nail vinyl. I laughed for a minute straight.

    23. Nicole James

      Having 2 channels confuse me

    24. Le Kiwii

      Wait wait wait !! Did you just add a peel off base coat at your brand ? 😱

    25. Yousuke Minori

      After a long time, an actual nail art video! 😻😻😻

    26. Star Lujan


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      Now lets bake that shit for a minute... WAIT

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    29. gaming with charmander 2

      NerdEcrafter made an amazing sculpture of you as a Tea-rex

    30. Technocorp Gamers

      Would u do a 3d nail like this please facebook.com/1746650448773174/posts/2140565872714961/

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      Hey girl!! I thought you would love to have this-->> shop.sugarbox.in/en/Lifestyle/Drinkware/Sugarbox/Nano-crystal-drinking-bottle-p6107c62c91.html?search=nano&tracking=5d5cd3a2b90be It's a link to an online shopping site selling holographic glass bottles!! I know your undying unconditional love for holo!🌈🌈💎🤗

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      1. Rachael Lyn

        Wait, you're doing actual nail art on this channel?? Am I in a time warp??

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      17:00, when Cristine broke her own heart.

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      1 min nail art - 19 min video

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      Why do I feel like this is some sort of expectations vs reality video lol

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      You guyssss Ben looks a little like Chris Evans right??

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      The pokadot and glitter one are my favorites 🤩❤️❤️

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      My god, your cuticles look amazing.

    43. Some body

      Am I the only one Who realized that she has the same intro song with liza koshy?

    44. The Vegan Fairy

      You could do videos of trying different brands of nail polish and figuring out how long they take to dry so we know. I’ve made the mistake of doing my nails shortly before a party and then ruining them getting ready

    45. The Vegan Fairy

      I love you and all your content but in 2020 can you bring back a bit more nail art 😭 even if it’s the same as old videos but new colors. I miss the inspiration and I love your voice overs for painting your nails But also keep doing what your doing I love that too!

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    53. Belle L


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      Hello! I’m allergic to latex, what should I use for da protection..? Thanks!

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        Captain_Rainbows painters tape washi tape clear tape school glue

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