$4 Burrito Vs. $32 Burrito

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    “The weight is similar to a large snake!”
    For those of you wondering where to find @lowkey_burritos from our first episode, follow him here to find out where he'll be: bit.ly/2K30vqh
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    Edwin Espinoza
    Matt Stevanus
    Teo Rodriguez-Diaz

    Published on 7 months ago


    1. Angel Gaytan

      love u guys

    2. Nolas Taham

      I have a fever so I lose my appetite so this video is making me nauseous and making my stomach churn

    3. SmokeyOwOs

      The new location opened, I live about three minutes away. The food is such a great value compared to what's nearby. Chronic Tacos doesn't compare

    4. SmokeyOwOs

      Annie is a QT

    5. tuba hamide bilgen

      Anyone realize the difrence of the camera quality

    6. Devarya Chowdhary


    7. Karthik Senthil

      God bless Matt and his TriForce Tee

    8. shanmugapriya g

      Try Indian food

    9. Suyue Li

      Here's a dare: Watch this but in your mind make Andrew's name Steven and Steven's name Andrew. Its Impossible.

    10. Alejandro Lainez

      El primer burrito Es una baleada bro, sin mantequilla

    11. Daniel Kaverin

      2 boys... 1 burrito..

    12. Jad Jakbeer

      No one searched this up

    13. Seamus Redstone Villager

      LA has the best Mexican food period

    14. BouncingSpork

      Eat while watching this it’s going to make ur food taste better

    15. Martin Andrade

      Oh damn i always go to this bakery to buy bread its the best

    16. Sinn

      Oh no by Google it looks like Taco Del Mar is closed for Good now in Fresno?

    17. BillieFound UrAvacodos

      Edwin is my cusion no cap

    18. Garrett Goertz

      Like how they have a n Asian dude cuz they couldn’t find a black to dude very diverse, seems like the white dude hates him and everyone he’s working with in every episode

    19. Vinny

      Where can I apply to eat cheap vs expensive food

    20. Haneul Oh

      Can’t believe they didn’t go to San Diego for this episode

    21. Aye Die

      So like a longer version of the 4 dollar burrito..

    22. Devon Ladd

      Love how they never do the bottom of the barrel mass produced food and look for local restaurants that are still cheap but not super standard

    23. Boy Kamps

      I just noticed that Andrew is dressed as Phineas Flynn

    24. Sandra Verduzco

      I’m hungry

    25. Milio Lopez

      Should’ve gotten an actual Mexican burrito not white washed 💀💀💀💀

    26. Korrupted Demon

      3 ft barrito easy

    27. Kianaaahhh

      It’s 4am and I’m hungry... but don’t wanna eat so late 🥺. So here I am

    28. Nish Patel

      I can go to Chipotle and get a burrito and a drink for under $10, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

    29. mXxr

      Where's Matt stonie

    30. Defy

      0:10 Who is she?

      1. Satria Jannatan

        Beautiful isn't she?

    31. Nysha Reddy

      Actually the $32 burrito is actually worth its price!

    32. Devin G

      Carne asada fries!

    33. Ass_destroyer

      We all know the hood spots is were they sell the best burritos.😂

    34. Jane Ling

      7:51 the cheese is so satisfying

    35. Yellow Pill


    36. Mellissa Smith

      In Fresno we eat Mexican food for every party, event, gathering etc... we're a real Mexican food commercial. 100° is not too bad. It gets very hot here.

    37. Nathan Lynch

      I love how Adam just takes Steven's food in this one.

    38. Anna Rodríguez

      My family is from San Luis Río Colorado too 💕

    39. dylan seconna

      When the cooks arms look like that, you know the food's going to be BOOOOOMB💯💯💯💣💣💣💣

    40. obito 559

      Damn I was shocked it was in Fresno

    41. Rare Skii

      buzzfeed be like: $5 toothpick VS $264 toothpick

      1. Alstare Matutino

        Ehh, I don't think that is ever going to happen.

    42. Cain Smyth

      I've been calling in a chimmichonga my whole life. BRUH

    43. Anton Alonso

      Adam has gained such personality since season one

    44. AzainBoi3434

      2and one chipotle

    45. Ailar Arumets

      Im so hungry now . This video made me so hungry 😋😋😋🤤😯

    46. Mr.Meepus97

      13:05 Adam won

    47. Travis Brown

      😂😂😂😂 when Adam took that burrito

    48. Jason Dutton

      God, this episode reminded me of back home in deep south Texas, aka Norteño country.

    49. NotEvolve

      Anybody else get a mike Bloomberg ad?

    50. S S o l i t a r i o

      EIIII dope I live in San Luis Rio Colorado

    51. Kyle Hortness

      Do worth it road trip

    52. Little blue panda

      They jsut got Corona Virus from that Anaconda Burrito...

    53. Andi Pickett

      Dulce de luche You Americans say it wrong and it's pan dulce

    54. Aisyah Pirdaus

      Nice Kuala Lumpur shirt:)

    55. Lucinda Koulaouzos

      i love how sonoratown makes everything from scratch and all from traditional home recipes

    56. Ixlox

      Let me guess you will have kimchi

    57. K9 PUBG

      Hit that 20m baby

    58. ruthieesquedao1

      Just had a Chivichanga and let me tell you it was soooooooo worth it. Drove all the way from Stockton Ca just to try it . Most definitely a must try when in LA

    59. tokento91

      Mission: Burrito taste taste *tries chimichanga instead*

    60. ReCreative

      Instruction unclear. My anaconda burrito is bleeding alot

    61. Isaac Nunez


    62. Julian_Is_A_Bot 07

      Imagine furious Pete eating the anaconda burrito

    63. Manuel Lopez

      I'm from Sonora and i'm proud of this episode


      I'm here just to see Deadpool chimichanga

    65. Ramirez Zavala

      Hometown Fresno

    66. Mib Dang

      why is adam staring into my soul at 8:15

    67. Ian Morgan

      I wonder if they ever got arrested for bringing sacs of flower to the United states

    68. Phoenix Chen

      y’all better have Annie on the poster next season or you’re gonna catch these hands

    69. Lewis Thomson

      More like a 32lb burrito

    70. PlayedForever OSHIT

      Just so you guys know burritos are not Mexican at all you'll never find burritos in Mexico only in the tourist spots hope you can find this info useful 😊