We are a Michigan family of 6 sharing our real life through Daily Vlogs! New videos every day at 8:00am EST.
2019 is our 5th year of sharing our lives on US-new! We been doing this for so long it's hard to even remember the days when we weren't capturing all of life’s moments on camera. All of our viewers have basically watched our young kids grow into teenagers and young adults.
Our channel consists of many different types of videos from family vlogs, entertaining challenges, travel adventures, our adorable dogs & cats, shopping, outdoor activities, sports & hobbies and more. Recently we built our dream home and have enjoyed sharing the entire process. Really we just love sharing our typical American family life with you every day. LIVE ~ LOVE ~ RECORD!
Ken & Candi, Karli (15) Chase (16) Blake (19) Andrew (23)
business emails: mail@ourfamilynest.com

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